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Thread: How often can you cheat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by taina747 View Post
    I know Mark is all about the whole 80/20 thing, but how often do you find yourselves cheating? I'm three weeks in and I think I'm going through the carb flu. I'm constantly thinking about cream, peanut butter cups, frijoles and rice, and a bunch of other stuff I know I shouldn't be eating. Today I had steak for lunch, with guac on the side and one enchilada (one corn tortilla rolled up with red mole sauce on top and stuffed with a little cheese). Last night I ate Primal all day, but had 1/4 cup of gluten free ice cream at night. So I've been cheating a little here and there that okay? Am I just setting myself up for failure? Why can't I stop fantasizing about dessert and junk food?! Ugh.
    Whenever I feel deprived, I eat hard boiled eggs - not sure why that does the trick. The word "cheat" never occurs to me, however. I've committed to this lifestyle, so if I must stuff myself, I do it with these foods. There are some crazy recipes in PDF on this website - many that I would consider outside the typical daily intake; maybe a few would suffice for your cravings? Maybe get some bakers chocolate and almond butter, as opposed to dreaming of peanut butter cups – it’s within primal and pretty yummy. Everything coconut got me through the first part! Mmmmm coconut...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowcarbjas View Post
    @ecole66 that's awesome that you have so much control! I ate a couple of dates the other week and it set me off on a sugar craving - I had to throw them all in the bin to avoid eating them. I think if you're new to paleo (like I am) then cheat days may not be a good idea.
    I NEVER eat like that unless it is planned. I also never eat something that will be around the house for me to binge on later. I like to think I would not binge if it were here but I am not that confident yet.

    Like I said I do get cravings after eating like that but I know it is just a craving and not hunger and I know what caused it so it is easier to control. With that said, we went out for mexican food on my birthday last month. On the way home I stopped at the convenience store to grab some orange juice for my daughter. They may as well put flashing lights over the chips and candy because that was all I could see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    Make sure you are allowing yourself to eat all the primal foods. Like, eat a banana if you want a sweet.
    This is the million dollar point. We mess ourselves up when we're like "a primal diet means no such-and-such" instead of focusing on what we CAN have. I agree, eat a banana whenever you want! Here's what I whip up if I'm really wanting some hardcore sweets:

    1/2 cup coco milk
    4 dates
    dash of cinnamon and vanilla

    Blend it up and let it thicken in the fridge. Oh so so so satisfying.

    Also, please don't think of it as cheating. It's just what you ate that day, no big deal.
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    I really hate the word addiction. It sounds like you are avoiding responsibility, blaming a disease.
    Have some self control, would you?
    And the word craving just pisses me off.
    Everything is bad for something - How do you feel today?

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    I find that eating foods high in fat tends to keep me from wanting to cheat.
    Any type of sugar is a trigger for me, even fruit, and tends to stimulate my appetite rather than supress it.

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    I had a sugar addiction... so I swapped it with Natvia (which is Erythritol + stevia)... it's not exactly 100% primal, but then again... it's not sugar or aspartame either . I can satisfy my sweet tooth, and not feel deprived (so I see that as win/win). I've still managed to lose a good 4kg since I started eating this way... and there have been times I've "cheated" (or just been in a situation where there were non primal foods that I ate..). Generally I find it easy enough avoiding grains etc. There's always something I can eat if I crave it (crave ice cream? Just make some! I use real cream and Natvia and usually toss in some blueberries). There's usually a primal alternative to most things.

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    When I hear the word cheat and primal, it sounds like it's some kind of cult. One have one life to live, be happy. If you want something than cure that craving. Just eat healthy.

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    When I hear the word cheat and primal, it sounds like it's some kind of cult. One have one life to live, be happy. If you want something than cure that craving. Just eat healthy.
    I agree. It bewilders me when people avoid fruit, and somehow think that is primal. I get the whole sugar addiction thing, but maybe if you just let yourself eat the fruit, you wouldn't end up obsessed over food. It happened to me all the time eating low fat. I wanted fat. Yet ate eggwhites and fatfree this and fat free that and never ended up satisfied. I craved fat, never let myself have it so ended up on crazy sugar binges.

    It's just food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadsie View Post
    I cheat a lot lately. I'm pretty much addicted to dark chocolate (90% though). And there's a girl from school who I eat ice cream with everyday after school at some cool ice cream stand. I love it and I'm not going to cancel that or even bother with saying I don't want to eat the ice cream.
    I think that's great! Girls and friends are much more important than diet at your age.

    As for the OP, I've long had food issues. I've been known to think about my lunch while I eat breakfast. However, since I've made the commitment to Primal, it is much better. I agree with the others, try the 30 days Primal only. I bet you'll find the preoccupation with food is very diminished.


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