And shrink my butt fat at the same time?

I'm reading the mondo thread on leptin resets, I'm giving up coffee because it's bad for the adrenals, I'm trying to get into ketosis by eating less than 50gC a day.

One year ago (almost to date) I could run 15 miles with no soreness the next day, I was in the driver's seat of the carb wagon on a "healthy" SAD. My butt and thighs were 3" smaller, respectively.

Since then I've gone Primal, (SCD/GAPS/nearly Paleo and no beans) due to healing digestive problems in our family. I backed way off the "chronic cardio", although I jog 30 min a couple times weekly. I lift heavy things and put them down again. No strength gains in a year, probably due to the constant switching of macros.

I IF. I lift fasted. I'm disciplined.

So why are my thighs and butt carrying noticeable cellulite in the last 12 months since I stopped running? Why can't I get into my jeans this autumn? I can do a couple pullups but I can't button my pants, and it's starting to get frustrating.

My calories/macros are all over the place. Last time I charted for an entire month, it was July. Here are the average stats copied directly from Fat Secret:

Daily Average:
Exercise: 2090kcal
Food: 1492kcal
(Fat: 95.30g, Protein: 63.08g, Carbs: 101.45g)

Is Ketosis my answer? Can VLC sustain heavy (for me) lifting 3x a week? Or should I be eating way more carbs, every day, or a refeed once a week? Should I start running all the time and burning glucose again to shrink my pants size? It worked before.

I'm no stranger to sprints but I backed off the weekly jaunt when energy started to decline. I have two preschoolers at home and I'm tired and crabby most days. This isn't like me. When I feel good, I feel GOOD, like I have a rocket up my butt, go-go-go-go with productivity and organization and motivation. I'm getting fat and not making progress in the weight room, and have no idea why.

Help? A kick in the rear? Advice? Please?