Hey everyone
I'm going to be starting a Primal weight loss journal now. I want to gather all my progress here, and have a source for other teenagers on here to check out or contribute to.
I'm 5'5", and weigh just under 170. I have a body fat % of 27 but I don't know how accurate that is!
My initial goal is to come down to 140, and my UGW is 130 (but I'll reassess at 140).

I have a history of bulimia and I am still recovering, so I am not including IF at the moment. Hopefully my relationship with food will relax enough to allow me to experiment with it at some point.
Also my birthday is coming up in November...can't wait for a very, very unhealthy breakfast doughnut.

I'll post pictures of all the food I eat on here. I love to cook so expect tons of good recipes.
Currently I average around 1700 a day. 60% fat, 25% protein, 15% carb.
Today I found out that my BMR is 1550, so I'm going to have to either increase exercise or decrease food.

Primal since 8/13 (1 month, go me!)
I have not really had any weight loss. I had lost 5 pounds about in 3 weeks, but after a non-Primal day gained it back and it hasn't left since.

Anyways, that's enough. Here I go.