So yep I am a lurker... mostly because I first used this forum as a source of motivation. However that motivation, like for many others, wanes after a few days of success. At one point, in May, I was Primal/Paleo for 18 days and dropped 13 lbs... but then my gf visited and it's been downhill since then.

Similar story to many here... I'm a big dude. 32, 6'2 275ish... (probably more like 280 after last weekend). But when I say big... I am big... I have way too much fat but just a large frame. I have dropped over 30lbs 5 separate times in my life and it usually happens once every 2-3 years. My dad says that I was in the best shape when I graduated Infantry school in 2003. I weighed 226 lbs the day I left Ft. Benning but that didn't last. As soon as i got to my duty station in Germany and could slam beers again... I gained 20 of it back. Obviously the chronic cardio of the Army kept me somewhat ok... but in reality the Army lifestyle is inherently unhealthy.

Fast forward to 2008 I went from 278 to 236 but was pretty jacked. In fact, I feel that this was the best shape of my life. I eventually broke myself from over-training. I had a bulging disc in my lower back that caused my training to stop... I got addicted to vicodin and put that weight back on. Since then I have battled to get back in shape. 2010, I got introduced to crossfit and was lucky enough to train with one of the best in the world, Jason Khalipa. He introduced me to Paleo and I did a challenge where i last 17lbs in 30 days.

Right now... I have a horrible self image as a result of poor decision making... lots of talk but even more justifying bad habits... so... back to crossfit I go. Luckily my beautiful girlfriend is supportive and bought "Make it Paleo" last weekend. She has read the PB and is prob 70/30. We just moved in together and she is totally on board so I have everything in place to make it happen. I will continue to lurk on the success stories for motivation...

Saw a picture on facebook today.... it was a Nike add that said "Yesterday... you said tomorrow.... Just do it" maybe that should be the title of my Journal.