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Thread: A look back in the time capsule - 1999

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    A look back in the time capsule - 1999

    This would be a high energy day for me back in 1999 - I was 23 years old at the time. Look at the crap I would eat...

    No wonder I got male pattern baldness between 23 and 25 years old. I was rolling down the Syndrome X highway at 100mph!

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    Oh, I forgot to add in the 4 to 6 diet cokes per day in there! They were free of calories, so I drank them like they were going out of style.

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    So, pasta and garlic bread at dinner. I sooo have done that too (or rice with bread) back in the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CleoCat View Post
    So, pasta and garlic bread at dinner. I sooo have done that too (or rice with bread) back in the day.
    Oh, my mom always made oven baked garlic bread with our pasta dishes growing up. Stuff was a staple at my house.

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    I used to dunk white bread into chocolate milk or juice, and eat it just like that.

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    I shoot for 50-100 grams of carbs per day now, it looks like I had my carb intake covered back then (+500 grams )!

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    From Friday, April 3 2009 taken directly from my SparkPeople account (I had just re-started a calorie-counting, low-cal, low-ish fat diet; at the time I weighed approximately 160 pounds; I had also decided to go vegetarian at this time):

    And, even worse in many ways, here is where I started back in early 2008, senior year of college, that caused me to hit 174 pounds:

    I actually forgot to add the roughly 1/2 cup of bleu cheese dressing I'd go through, dunking my pizza in it. And on occasion we'd have corn chips with cheese dip on the side.

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