Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on the forum, other than the "obligatory" meet and greet. Iím 28 years old, 5í3, starting weight 111 lbs, and Iím 3 weeks into the Primal diet. So far I have lost 3 lbs. Iíve cheated on the diet a few times, but for the most part Iím not having a difficult time transitioning to this way of life. Itís interesting Ė I feel physically well, I donít feel bloated and uncomfortable in my own skin, I have more energy, and yetÖ.I am miserable on a daily basis. Why? I have a desk job where I sit in a cubicle with no windows anywhere for 8 Ĺ hours every day. I find the work dull, and feel like I want to jump out of my chair and just never come back. Why do I not then have the motivation to get out? I keep asking myself if itís the money, the benefits, or if Iím just comfortable. I think itís all of that, and the fact that Iím afraid to make a change, and afraid to find that Iím just as miserable doing something else. Is it just me? Do any of you ever feel this way? How do I get out of that type of thinking? Thanks for any and all comments.