With Rosh Hashanah approaching, I'm curious who among you are Jewish and living a primal lifestyle?

Do you modify your eating habits around this time of year, when high-carb items like challah, apples, and honey are prevalent?

I personally plan on baking two loaves of challah: one for myself and my boyfriend (mostly the latter, obviously!) and one for my coworkers. I don't plan on having more than a slice or two of the stuff, but for me the tradition is very important on a personal level. I will have apples and [raw, local] honey, too.

How about other holidays and celebrations? Culturally we are very much about gatherings, most of which revolve around food! Noodle kugel, challah, bagels... yikes! Luckily chopped liver and lox are definitely primal and delicious.

I'm anxious for next year's Passover because it is my favorite holiday. I do love me some matzoh and matzoh ball soup, so I may plan on splurging on gluten-free matzoh when the time comes, though I've heard it's not very good and definitely falls in the "20%". I also adore making my mom's recipe of charoset for the holiday! Hi, carbs and alcohol! *sigh*

So, what's your plan for the New Year? How has being Primal affected your Jewish way of life, celebrations, etc.?