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Thread: Smugness - who has it?

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    It was when i became less preachy and less zealous to my mom and husband about foods and diet that they really began to listen. I honestly backed off 100%. I didnt bring it up...and just led by example. Both hubby and momma have dropped 30 lbs each by embracing a grain-free life! My mom has a ways to go yet but I'm sooooo proud of her! Also you need to keep an open mind that these conventional processed foods ARE an addiction to many people. It IS like cigarettes or alcohol---we cannot simply judge others and be so smug. Life is a hard journey---much harder for some than others!

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    She may have that body, but does she feel as good as you? Doubt it!
    I am pretty sure they feel great.

    I will also not describe myself as feeling great due to the restrictions: caloric, macro and food groups that I have to practice. I have not seen anything to support that my fitness/looks will improve with Primal the only win is the hunger better balanced with the caloric need. Which is a lot to be grateful for, but it is not a reason to feel smug, because I cannot say that these ladies experience hunger the way I did when I ate yogurts, fruit and peanut butter. Primal is not an easy way of eating for me, that's why it took me good 2 years to come to terms to the idea that I have to eat what I have to eat and ignore all the buts, not just of CW, but of more moderate approaches.

    I believe that the end result of Primal for me if I persevere and stick with it will be that I will completely lose the ability to enjoy food. However, that might not be a bad thing. It's not a good idea to compare oneself to others. One has to do what one has to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Judg View Post
    Let's say I sometimes feel happily virtuous... LOL!
    That pretty much sums it up for me. As a Food Addict, I understand why a lot of the overweight folks make the choices they do. So it would be wrong of me to be smug, per se, just because I happened to hit my rock bottom and finally found the tools/support/inner drive to do something about it before they did.

    That said, every time I make a "good choice" while out and about I do feel rather...well, proud of myself. I don't think that is a bad thing.

    And not that it matters (this is the intertubes, after all) but I'm surprised how much it kinda zings to see some posters use the word "fatty" and the like in their descriptions. Kinda smarts, thinking back. Just an interesting personal observation. (to just me, probably)

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