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Thread: Suddenly vomiting

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    If you cant drink water without it coming back up the last thing you need is ANY food source. If its food poisoning you will begin feeling better in 8-12hrs and ready for primal food usually. Same usually goes for a stomach bug, but not always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissJecka View Post
    ^ That's what popped in my head, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by golangrok View Post
    I took a nap and my dad brought me some anti-emetics. I ate a plum, waited, then ate a mango (the only soft fruit available and the only thing that didn't seem revolting). After that I had about 1/4 c of white rice and a plate of meatball stew. I feel much better but admittedly dehydrated. Also incredibly guilty about what the mango and rice will do to my weight loss efforts, but you know. It's better than starving.
    I doubt it's hindering anything, since you can't keep anything down!

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    This is staying down so far. No nausea. I mentioned that I took some anti-nausea medication

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    I eat what I crave when I'm sick, if I crave anything, but within "primal limitations". Last time I felt sick, I had a ton of fruit and felt quite a bit better. Guess I needed the vitamin C (it was a lot of oranges). Ginger root tea is my go-to for nausea, or ginger beer (Trader Joe's has a decent option, with 26 g of ginger root in it, apparently).
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    Nausea/vomiting... = no food, just liquids... for a day or so until it passes.

    Ginger tea/ginger beer is great...
    Also, broth and WATER.
    Stay hydrated and REST.
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