While cruising around the internets last night, a pair of squat stands caught my eye on Amazon. After an impulse click or 2, they're on their way to me and I need to figure out what I'm going to do for a barbell and weights. And a bench.

I've definitely determined that I want an olympic bar/plates setup. What I'm wondering is whether I need a 7-footer.

The condo I live in is small, as am I. I hope, but doubt whether I'll ever squat 315 or deadlift much over 400#.

There are some 6-foot (and even 5') olympic bars that claim to be rated for 600 pounds.

I do occasionally perform "jerky motion" types of lifts (cleans, etc...). But not with anything much greater than my body weight (135#).

The stands are independent. So I can move them as close together or far apart as necessary.

So, what length barbell do I need, and any suggestions where to get a good deal? I know of a semi-local place that I'm sure has good prices, but I don't want to go in there undecided and walk out with something far beyond my needs.