Here is a chilling article from about a year ago talking about a severe drought of male children in Russia - and the article doesn't even mentioned that fertility was low to begin with, so now removing more males is compounding that. (Boy, if there are no more Christian Russian men....then who's going to play the bad guys in cheesy action movies? Guess they'll start plugging in Arabs to demonize them, now.)

Anyway! The reason that I'm writing is just to generally get feedback and start up a discourse on fertility and diet (especially the paleo/Primal diet, obviously). It is strikingly bizarre to me that our parents and grandparents could have more children that they knew what to do with, but nowadays you have people desperately paying fertility doctors tens of thousands of dollars just in the hope that they might be able to at least have one child (which isn't even replacement level reproduction, obviously).

The vision of an already hollowed-out and dwindling country like Russia having the problem get excerbated by a bizarre epidemic of only having girls is very, very sad. This isn't about the rise and fall of some governmental regime or political ideology....this is about the survival of the very race itself.

(I know from past posts on fertility that there are many people who are sterile and barren and enjoy it that way. If so, that's your choice and that's fine, but please don't take over this thread with cries of assaulting people who do choose to have children rather than be a Darwinian dead-end as you choose to be.)