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Thread: LazyKitty & LazyDogs PB Saga

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    Smile LazyKitty & LazyDogs PB Saga

    Background: LK=64 yy & LD=65 yy. Exercise really is a foreign word to me. Anyway:

    Monday, 9/10: Sprints and PB Health Assessment.

    Sprints (with our old dog, Sparky) took about 15 minutes of laughing at each other, etc. but we did it.

    PB HA: -0- Pull ups for both of us. I guess I'm buying a pull up bar for home.
    Minimum on the rest of the exercises, just barely.

    Euphoric but sore that day. Iced my knee, Sparky slept the rest of the day (she's 13 yy) and my husband took his motorcycle for a ride. We survived it and looked forward to Wednesday's exercises.

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    Wednesday, 9/12: Our 1st Primal Workout -

    Level 1 (just barely): Definitely feeling the burn, we only did one set of each. I felt a real sense of satisfaction in succeeding this much, euphoria here we come. Am looking forward to our next session and yes, we will do a 2nd set.

    Today's meals:

    Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with bacon, topped with mushrooms & salsa, 1/2 avocado.

    Lunch: BAS (chicken, tomatoes, cukes, lettuce, vinegar & oil dressing).

    Dinner: Ribeye with portobello mushrooms & zucchini.

    Snacks: None needed today.

    Well, that was yesterday and today (Thursday) my legs are sore, LD says " not sore at all" as he hobbles about. Yes, his legs are sore, refusing to admit it is an old man thing or maybe just my old man.

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