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Thread: Accountability Journal - sarasue

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    Accountability Journal - sarasue

    Hello gentle grokkers,

    I'm starting this journal because I need some primal accountability. I've been 50/50 for two years and about 50/50 low carb for several years before that. I'm a sugar addict and a (highly stressed) PhD student. I've been a lurker for so long that I know what I'm doing wrong and at this point don't think I really need hacked. What I really need is willpower.

    Starting weight 190 lbs (unless my scale is 10 lbs off, which I'm beginning to think it might be).
    Dress size 14-16.
    Height 5'4"
    Energy middling: I often take a nap during the day.
    Hunger middling: I'm not often truly hungry. But I stress eat and addict eat. I can tell the difference between the two types of bad eating.
    Stress very high: 1 year into PhD program so this isn't going away soon. I teach 2 daytime classes and I take 3 night classes.

    So there's my first post disclaimer! On to the journal:

    Morning Walk: ~3 miles around a lake whilst chatting with a friend. - After coffee, before eggs. Usually I do this fasted but I felt really tired when I woke up today. (Night class last night.)

    Brekkie: Surprise! Double-yolked egg (local, organic). Over-easy with organic CSA box carmelized onion in organic (but probably not pastured) butter. Coffee and local pastured heavy cream. Medium-sized dollop of maple syrup.

    Double Egg.jpg

    Lunch: Wally world rotisserie chicken (ugh, I know) 1 leg and 1 thigh. 3 freshly juiced oranges = 1 cup of orange juice (sugary, I know, but I'm working down from a SERIOUS sugar addiction)

    1.5 hour nap

    Dinner: Pre-class/mid-afternoon - 1/2 cup of whole milk cottage cheese, 2-3 picked bites of chicken.
    During class (night class = 6-9 p.m.): 1/2 rotisserie chicken breast dipped in leftover Arby's sauce and horsey sauce. Wouldn't be so bad except prof. brought homemade cranberry loaf and blueberry muffins to class. 2 slices cranberry loaf and 1 muffin. 1 bottle of Perrier.

    2 bites of dark chocolate.

    Not a great day, but not a total disaster either. No processed foods (unless you count the chicken) no ice cream shakes or preservative-laden breads. I wasn't hungry during the day, probably didn't eat enough/enough fat which is probably why I overdid it when faced with temptation at night. Small steps.
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