Hi, I'm another newbie from Melbourne, Australia. I'm 42 and a single Mum of 3 kids. I have epilepsy, and my eldest child has type 1 diabetes. I'm hoping this lifestyle will help me reduce my epilepsy medications, though I've been seizure free for a few years, so not in any hurry to mess with them. I also plan to look into whether or not this lifestyle is appropriate for type 1 diabetics. I know it's supposed to help type 2, but our diabetes team says that teenagers need carbs. My daughter is unlikely to be enthusiastic about the diet at the moment, but I at least want to look into whether it might be better for her. I'm currently a little overweight, and would like to have more energy and feel healthier.

I'm currently on day 2 of primal living and so far so good. This is probably going to be difficult for me because my previous diet consisted of a family block of chocolate and a litre of pepsi eaten throughout the day, followed by either a pasta or rice dish for dinner. No wonder I've been feeling pretty awful for a while. I was suffering from depression, but now that it's lifted, I've still been eating like a depressed person and I know it has to stop.

I'm a bit of an all or nothing type person, so my biggest worry is that the first time I mess up, I'll give up, so I need to get past the first few weeks to see the benefits before I allow myself any cheating. I've previously been on the Pritikin diet (years ago) and it worked well for me, but I found it too difficult to stick to long term.

Time to set up a journal to track how things are going and to help me keep on track.

Nice to meet you all, and hope to get to know you as I adjust to this new lifestyle.