Hello everyone. I just signed up for the forum, but I have been feeling my way around the primal way of eating for about 2 weeks. I am going to try to post what I have to eat each day here. The thing I am most worried about is getting in a rut. I tried to go paleo about a year ago and got in a rut of eating too much meat and not enough veggies and fruit. If I seem to be heading in that direction, please call me out on it. Please call me out on anything that I might be doing that is not in line with the primal way of eating. Nobody in my family will do this with me (not my husband at home nor my family around the country - we post our daily meals on loseit.com and pictures of our food on a "secret" group in Facebook so we can cheer each other on, but lately they have been harping on all of the eggs and saturated fat I am eating as I go primal), so I am hoping you guys can be my Primal Family.

Breakfast: 3 pastured eggs with a few pieces of Trader Joe's Unexpected Cheddar

Lunch: a variation of the grape and chicken salad in the Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook - maybe 1.25 cups? (I didn't have the cookbook handy, so I guessed on portions of ingredients and actual ingredients...forgot the onion though). It came out pretty good. I did add some crumbled bacon to it (about 2 strips to the entire mix which contained 4 chicken breasts)...i know that isn't in the original recipe, but it was a nice addition.

Afternoon snack: 2 or 3 strips of chocolate-dipped bacon. I saw this recipe a few days ago on a paleo food plan website and had to give it a try. I used the most natural bacon I could find (it was too thin though - need to use thicker bacon next time) and dipped it in a combination of the Chocolove 70% and Chocolove 77% dark bars melted with 2 Tbsp grass-fed Icelandic butter. The bacon was way too thin to really add any significant taste and crunch, but the chocolate was amazing. I didn't eat too much of it though because of the small amount of sugar in the chocolate, but I wanted to. (while I was making this last night, I had some extra chocolate and dipped some sliced apples in it too. YUM!!!).

Snack while contemplating dinner: I made some coconut ice cream last night (1 can coconut milk, 2 eggs, and a splash of vanilla) and I put some in a bowl and topped it with peeled, sliced peaches that I first cooked up in a little butter and cinnamon. The ice cream wasn't that good, but the peaches sure were! I might have to add the peaches to the ice cream in the ice cream making process next time to give some natural sweetness to the ice cream.

Dinner: A bowl of the Paleo Comfort Foods grape chicken recipe. I topped it with a few crumbles of the TJ's unexpected cheddar, 5 olives, and, because I want to get rid of it somehow, a snack-size round of TJ's mini-brie.

Exercise: I wanted to go for a walk with my husband tonight because the weather has finally turned cooler, but he got home too late (and too hungry) to go for a walk before dark. Maybe tomorrow.