I went for a walk today and here are some pictures of avocados. Sad, abandoned avocados. It's such a waste how much fruit just falls off trees around here. Not just avocados, but lemons, oranges, tangerines, plums and more. People ignore their fruit trees.

An avocado in the gutter. I picked it up but it had been bitten by animals. Otherwise, I might have taken it home.

An avocado in the parking strip. Sometimes I actually take these home. This one is too old, no good.

Sometimes I find cherimoyas on the sidewalk. Here is the tree that drops them. I don't think the people living in this house even know they have a cherimoya tree. It took me a minute to see the fruit. It's right in the middle and a little bit up. Not ripe yet.

Pear-shaped avos. These ones are really good. This is one of our trees. We have all kinds.

This is the kind of avocado you get when you plant a seed. This is the root stock of one of our avocado trees fully grown and bearing fruit. This year the fruit is really big. The fruit is barely edible.

This is the fruit of the root stock cut open. It smells minty, which sounds nice, but really isn't nice at all. The skin is thin and difficult to remove. The seed is large. You can eat it but it isn't really worth the effort. I believe, because of the mint smell to the fruit and leaves, that this is Mexicola variety.