Had to take DS to the hospital 3 hrs. from home. Ds has a chronic lung condition; we had fires North of us which blew smoke into our area and turned his slight cough into an infection. I'd just started several cooking projects: mascarpone hanging in cheese cloth, DH just butchered one of our roosters and it was sitting in brine in the fridge. I was planning on making a delicious anniversary dinner for us, oh well.

So here we are for at least a week. Prior to coming here I was working on becoming fat adapted and that has been a big help. I noticed if I eat fat first I am not so tempted to eat non-primal foods. The good thing is we have a fridge in our room and good markets w/in walking distance. For the most part I think I can keep DS and myself primally provisioned. My biggest challenge will be getting enough sleep.

My concern is that DH will fall off the wagon. I'm the main cook at our house and DH's primal coach. He was doing really well, but this same time last year DS had to go in the hospital, we ended up staying 3 weeks and DH wasn't able to stay primal. It took us months find our way back to the primal path. He has a freezer full of grass fed beef but he's doesn't like to plan what he's going to eat later, he tries not to think about food until it's time to eat.