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Thread: What do we think about P90x and Insanity?

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    What do we think about P90x and Insanity?

    I'm guessing the response is that both are excessive.... but I'm curious to hear what you have to say and what your experience has been with these programs...

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    I personally like both of these programs. They give me a great workout and I have gotten stronger using them. Its all about personal preference I guess. Utilize the programs how you best see fit for yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLW1084 View Post
    ....Its all about personal preference I guess. Utilize the programs how you best see fit for yourself.
    What is this nonsense?!? "Personal preference"?!? The OP explicitly asked what "we" think, as in we're all part of a hivemind who must get permission of others to have thoughts on a subject! Your self-motivated, individualist, just-do-your-own-thing worldview has no place here. Join the Borg!

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    I actually did them both together for over a year. Not so great, imho. I got much stronger in a single month of starting strength than i did the whole time i did the beachbody workouts - all they got me was tired. The volume on p90x is way too high for optimum strength gains, but the two combined might lean you out a bit if you're new to exercise. That said, kenpo x is fun, and i like the yoga too. But most of the weight exercises are bodybuilder-type isolation movements. You're better off sticking to basic compound movements and sprint intervals. Besides, watching the same dvds over and over gets really tedious after awhile.

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    Though I'm a personal trainer I'm also very biased when it comes to training protocols. I'm honestly not a fan at all of either. They may work for a while, but they aren't really results-oriented for long term gains. Insanity especially is not at all results-oriented. It's also a lot of volume to jump right into. That being said, I know people who have had success using P90X as a short-term kick start. It all depends on you and how you feel doing it. If you have the opportunity to try it out, give it two weeks...that's usually all you'll need to know whether or not it might work for you.
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    Mark did a good post talking about P90X.

    P90X and CrossFit | Mark's Daily Apple
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    I'm not a fan unless you just got a ton of time to kill and your so young as to not care about the health of your joints. Basically I think there are just far better ways to skin that cat.

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    I have a dominatrix for that.
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