I know these posts exist all over the forums, but I have to vent.

I've been primal for 2 months and lost a whole 5lbs and shrunk a little bit and then stopped. I follow this lifestyle exactly and it just simply doesn't seem to be working for me. I tend to shrink a heck of a lot faster when I eat tons of fruit and veggies and some lean meats...with zero concentration on fat. I've added foods I would never have naturally considered in that past - coconut oil, coconut milk, fatty cuts of meat...my carbs only consists of vegetables and when I periodically plug in my consumption, and my carbs hover around 60g for the day, on average. I do lifts, sprints, yoga - not too much, not too little; and nothing is changing. I'm ready to remove fats and live off of chicken and Kim-Chi. I've even had the (somewhat) luxury of having my BMR measured, so there's not much guesswork there; I'm supposed to consume ~1,900 calories to maintain and that only included light yoga and walking as activity consideration. My average intake is closer to ~1,700. Ugh.

I just recently ditched nuts. There's nothing else to ditch. I ditched fruit from the beginning and was never addicted to sugar. It can't possibly be simply nuts that are doing this. I used to eat nuts like they were going out of style and was very slender.

Does anyone have any ideas? This feels like the slowest process in the world! Sorry for the rant.