i.m 37, a mom to an energetic 4 year old boy, wife to playful husband. i'm tired of the low energy, sitting on the couch watching life. also tired of my tummy fat,
so, starting with the 21 day challange!!! group energy!
measured w:39 h:38 thigh19.5 wt137
b: 3 eggs
l: 1/2 avacado with ground beef, egg, 1/2 apple
d: ckn/caulifower dish from Marks' 30min meals
dessert: homemade berry smoothie popcicle (with spinach and olive oil in it!)

WOD: walked 2 mostly behaved dogs and a stroller with my 4 year old in it for 45 minutes.

feeling, sleepy, and edgy for some sugar. will drink water.