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Thread: You know what would really help the primal movement?

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    You know what would really help the primal movement?

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    A completely primal chef cooking on one of those Food Network challenge shows such as "Chopped." Spread the good news about healthy primal eating.

    And if they won... Well, even better!

    Let's make it happen folks!

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    Sort of unrelated, but a popular food website called Punchfork now has an option to view only paleo recipes. pretty dope.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdilla View Post
    food website called Punchfork
    Looks divine!
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    Who would sponsor said cooking show? Right now, the sponsors of these channels would be appalled at a TV show that would shun entire food groups! Maybe if US Wellness meats coughed up enough Dineros it would happen! Here's hoping.

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    well, being on chopped could be hard because they have to use all the ingredients in their basket, and a lot of the time there are grains in the basket.

    But I like the idea. Maybe someone on "The Next Food Network Star", or maybe even a primal food truck on "The Great Food Truck Race"

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    my wife is trying to make me audition for the next season of masterchef. i don't know if i will or not. i think it would be a compelling storyline to be a paleo/primal chef, but it seriously might limit you in the judges' eyes. i would have to do a lot of planning and preparation in order to make that happen. even then, there are challenges that require making pastry, pies, desserts, etc where using wheat flour might not be avoidable

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    I thought I heard that is existed already:
    Primal Chef - Home

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    I know that there is a "show" called Primal Chef found here: Primal Chef - Home

    Whoops... this is what happens when I leave a tab open and reply! Anyway, consider this comment another chime for Primal Chef!
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    When I went out for dinner at a very expensive local restaurant, all the items on the menu were primal, paleo or damn close enough. I had lamb tenderloin with a reduction sauce, two slices of white potato, California mussels with bacon and onions, green beans with chanterelles. There was a cheese course I turned down. The dessert was fairly primal as far as desserts go. Yeah, there was sugar, but the crust on my dessert was meringue and the filling was a chestnut mousse. I think fairly primal food is common for very high end restaurants. You're not going to find cheap ingredients or stuff like pizza, poppers, sliders or crap like that. All the high end restaurants in town and some of the lower-end vegetarian ones all shop the farmer's market every Tuesday and Saturday. So the idea of a show with fine cooking and primal food isn't really that crazy. The best food is the freshest and most natural anyway. Aside from the top quality ingredients, it's always the presentation and the sauces and the perfection that really make the meal exceptional.
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    We already have a cooking show winner: Steven Raichlen beat out the Iron Chef -- the real one, on Japanese television -- in a battle of BBQ gods. Steven wrote a bunch of technique books and won a bunch of awards. He now has a cooking show -- Primal Grill -- on PBS. I don't think he follows Primal philosophy, but his focus on grilling stuff is naturally primal anyway (you don't grill twinkies or pretzels). for recipes and such.

    But that said, I don't think a cooking show will spread the Primal word. Nor will Mark's little lectures on lectins and insulin. IMO the only thing that's going to work is to show off the six pack abs.
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