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Thread: October 2009 to September 2012 Diabetes "cured"?

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    October 2009 to September 2012 Diabetes "cured"?

    Hey, all,

    I had my annual (required by the insurance company) physical with "bometric screeening" (the doc isn't sure what that means, either LOL) and I just had to share...

    I am approaching 60, as is my husband, In 2008, we were grey faced and exhausted. We were always in a lot of pain, me from arthritis in every joint and my husband from fibromyalgia and gout. We had been healthy enough a few years earlier to surprise ourselves with a late life child less than a year after our wedding, but now something was going very badly wrong.

    By mid-2009, I was struggling along on a walking frame, too dizzy to move without it. My blood sugar was steadily rising, despite increasing levels of medication and insulin. (I was diagnosed with diabetes back in 1996, but I'd been able to control it with diet and exercise up until that point.)

    My cholesterol was high and getting higher, my triglycerides were high, and my blood pressure, up until then always low normal, was rising. Oh, and I have always been very fat. I was down from my high of 350, but still in the realm morbid obesity. It had never been a problem before. As I say, we had been pretty healthy in spite of our "luxurious padding".

    We have always been interested in wholesome and healthy foods, so my family was eating along the lines recommended by Weston Price, with raw dairy, spouted grains, and lots of pastured meats, bone broths, and organic vegetables.

    In 2009, my husband was diagnosed with celiac. We went gluten free as a family, because it's just plain easier to cook one meal for all of us. A few months later, he started talking about the SCD as a way to heal his gut from years of abuse, so we started working toward SCD compliance by dropping all grains and weaning ourselves off other things that weren't SCD compliant. In 2010, our son was also diagnosed with celiac.

    In my Internet seaches for recipes we could eat, I kept finding myself on Paleo and Primal blogs where the recipes were always 'safe". Over time, I started reading more about why folks were dedicated to paleo/primal living. I came across Mark's Daily Apple, and this is where I found the most convincing explanations of how it all works.

    Meanwhile, my husband discovered that he was also very sensitive to dairy and soy, so I started sharing what I was learning about ancestral eating, and it all made a lot of sense to us. We dropped lugumes, just because of those ideas and suddenly my family started to notice that we weren't havng the stomach upsets we had accepted as "normal". Aha!

    So, we started eating ancestrally and by 2010 we were pretty compliant. (That's easy when you're not just theoretically eating better, but actively avoiding the poor health and agony we were experiencing.)

    Things started to improve. My arthritis went away, my dizziness cleared up, and my blood pressure started to come down. In 2010, my doctor took me off all diabetes medications. In 2011, my husband and I started to lose weight, and our complexions improved dramatically.

    That brings us today. After three years of eating increasingly primally, my blood pressure is back to low normal, my cholesterol is perfect, and my blood sugar is so good that even after a glucose challenge it remains in the non-diabatic range. My doctor says that my diabetes is 'cured". (I don't believe that because if I started eating grains again, I have no doubt that my diabetes would be back.) I have been off the walking frame for several years and can now walk 2.5 miles three times per week carrying a 35 pound backpack.

    Life is good, thanks to ancestral eating.

    Thank you, Mark, for making a HUGE difefrence in so many lives.
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