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    After reading this thread I'm going to start cutting back my coffee. I've found myself crashing in the afternoon even with increased coffee intake! Is it okay to switch to decaf? I love the taste of black coffee and really enjoy a few cups in the morning.

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    Theobromine...come to the dark side. Yeah, it's probably not the best way. It's tasty though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesS View Post
    Don't know if you ever collected stinging nettle before. For anyone that has not done it wear pants, long sleeve shirt and gloves. Contacting the fresh plant with the skin will result in a nettle rash from the histamine and formic acid. I cut the plant then let it wilt a little, which reduces these compounds. Then I strip off the leaves so they will dry faster and spread them out on some clean paper in well ventilated room out of the sunlight to finish drying. Once dried the nettle completely loses its sting.
    Good advice James...I would add 'wear gloves'...LOL..I'm enjoying this thread. Oh, on reading again I see you did say coffee isn't working it seems.

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