I have noticed the older I get (I'm 31 in October) the more prone I am to binging. I am at my wits end. Yesterday was my first day to go primal (for the 2nd or 3rd time) and I felt like I did well most of the day. I started my morning with a warm mug of lemon ginger water. Approx 30 minutes later I had 2 eggs fried in olive oil, 3 pc beef bacon (no sugar), and half an avocado. At lunch I had half a rotisserie chicken and about a cup of grapes and strawberries. But dinner: Pizza!

So, today I started again: Lemon ginger water, eggs, bacon, avocado. But I wasn't satiated by any means. I grazed on a carrot stick. I had a banana. Drank some more lemon water. And then ate 4 hotdogs heated in the microwave. Yes, I know...totally not primal. But I thought if nothing else it was a form of meat choice (albeit poor) that had a high fat content and was quick without much preparation. Well this was just the beginning because by noon I felt as if I was going stark raving mad. I baked a freaking "dump cake" which is canned fruit, topped with a dry cake mix, topped with 2 sticks of butter all baked for an hour. And then I consumed a third of it. Seriously?? What is wrong with me?

I cannot explain what goes through my brain. I cannot explain why I seem to feel deprived or hungry. All I know is once I start allowing thoughts of cheating to creep into my brain there is seems to be no turning back. But I cannot have something little and say "Ok, I'm good. I satisfied that craving". No, I full on binge. It's very concerning to me.

I've had my horrible choice today and I am good and full now. But I still have dinner to prepare and have after my husband gets home. We are full well prepared for a dinner "on track" and that's what I intend to do. What I need to know is how do I deal, during the first week, with the emotions, hunger, and cravings? What is some advice or tips you can offer?

I understand that the first and foremost answer to deter the binging would be to purge my house of anything I'm not supposed to have. But my husband won't let me "throw away perfectly good food" even is something that is unhealthy for us. Also, I have a 2 year old whose primary diet consists of spaghetti O's, frozen chicken nuggets, peanut butter crackers, oatmeal, granola bars, and bread with butter. None of which he SHOULD be eating. But I am lost as to how to convert him to eating healthier when he is so picky as well how to get my husband fully on board with converting the whole family.

Don't get me wrong. My husband eats what I cook for the most part. But no amount of pushing will convince him to not drink soda, eat sandwiches, and want crackers and such type foods to snack on in between eating. The one time I did clean everything like that out he would continue to walk through the kitchen, opening all the cabinets and complain that there was nothing to eat. Now I feel like I am whining but I really need some advice and direction.

And by the way, I've never binged in front of my husband. I will do it before he gets home from work knowing that I'll still get to have dinner later. UGH!