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Thread: The dreaded dropped weight on toe...

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    The dreaded dropped weight on toe...

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    So, I was helping the wife load up the bar for deadlifts last night. The calculation came out to some odd number so I grabbed a fractional plate (1.25 lbs) and in doing so dropped it on my big toe (barefoot) from about 9 inches. Jesus, I don't even want to know what dropping a 45 lbs plate would feel like because 1.25 lbs made me cry like my 18 month old daughter.
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    Haven't done it barefoot, but when I was working at a corporate gym (blech), I dropped a 45 on my foot. Even in Chucks, it was pretty excruciating.
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    Ouch, I feel you. I didn't drop a plate exactly, but some of the benches at my gym have wheels and I rolled one right over my big toe. Vibrams are comfy, but they don't provide a lot of protection.

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    Yikes! I once dropped a cast iron pot lid on my bare foot. My husband said I invented new curse words. It turned all kinds of pretty colors.

    I've also had a soup can fall from a pretty good distance and hit my barefoot with a similar result AND

    I dropped a knife that hit the top of my foot point down and actually hit a nerve a year ago and I still have issues with the area between my big toe and second toe. You'd think I'd learn to wear shoes in the kitchen...

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    There's a reason why, in gangster and spy movies, when they want to torture information out of someone, they always start with the fingers and toes. Lots of nerve endings. Hope yours feels less tortured soon.

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    I did that last year with a pound of frozen chicken breast that I grabbed out of the freezer. Dropped a solid 50 inches to hammer the place where my toe meets my foot. Took at least two chiropractor visits to get it feeling right again.
    --Trish (Bork)

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