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Thread: Considering Eating Oatmeal For Breakfast

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    I'd be bored eating two different things day in day out, too. You don't have to eat "breakfast" foods for your first meal; eat what you want. I dont think oats are terrible, just kinda boring without lots of sweetener, lol. Soak them, even ferment them in whey and yogurt and it wouldn't be so bad if that's your thing. I'd try white rice with eggs. So good, and cheap!
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    Used to eat my instant oatmeal religiously every day until it made me fat. I'd always have to eat 2 bowls; throw in some wheat toast and a banana for fiber; and a dose of "healthy" orange juice. It skyrocketed my blood sugar; and I became type 2 diabetic in spite of the fact that I rode a mountainbike daily. Now I eat my eggs; and bacon for breakfast; minus the toast; add bell peppers spinach or onions for fiber; never get hungry; and have shed 50 lbs; and bike more energetically than ever. Why take in a carbohydrate; even if its low glycemic; only raising blood sugar "slowly". Why raise blood sugar at ALL????? And if my LDL is harmless fluffy pattern A; who cares if its excreted? Paleo man didn't have heart disease; and he never ate a morning bowl of oatmeal.
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    There is nothing wrong with eating oatmeal if you enjoy it and it causes you no problem. Like others have mentioned before, it would be good to add other stuff in. Try butter on top and some fresh fruit; maybe some bacon pieces or something as well would be nice. Use coconut milk as the "broth" to cook it in. I'll be honest, the word "grain" in the paleo community is starting to take on the CW connotation of "saturated fat" - i.e. that it is the devil's food. We don't want to become hypocritical. Just eat real foods, and if you tolerate oatmeal and you enjoy it, that is good enough. Don't stress over it, just enjoy your life and don't let food rule your every choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XGrains View Post
    On most mornings I eat high omega 3 eggs and vegetables cooked in coconut oil. One or two days a week I eat Greek Yogurt with berries, chia seeds and a little coconut milk. I'm getting a little tired of this routine and am contemplating eating steel-cut oats. This summarizes some of what I've recently read about oatmeal.

    "Foods rated lower than 54 on the glycemic index (GI) are considered low. Foods rated between 55 and 70 are medium-GI foods. Foods rated over 70 are high GI foods. The goal is to eat low-GI foods, or combine high-GI foods with low-GI foods or fat and protein to limit blood glucose spiking. Steel-cut oats rate low at 51, so you can eat as much of them as you want.

    Oats are also high in soluble fiber. That means that not only do they digest slowly, keeping blood sugar levels low, they also help to prevent certain types of colon cancer. Oats also help to lower low-density lipoproteins by grabbing onto them and excreting them from the body before they have an opportunity to accumulate on the inside of the coronary arteries, which can lead to a heart attack."

    What I currently read about oatmeal makes it sound like one of the healthiest foods available. I don't seem to have any sensitivities to grains, and I don't need to lose weight. Would eating oatmeal be a wise addition to my morning breakfast? Are the health benefits of oatmeal, as stated above, true or bunk?
    if youre going to eat em dont go instant-dreadful things BG++ get the steel cut rolled oats
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    Quote Originally Posted by j3nn View Post
    I'd be bored eating two different things day in day out, too. You don't have to eat "breakfast" foods for your first meal; eat what you want. I dont think oats are terrible, just kinda boring without lots of sweetener, lol.
    I eat oatmeal every morning, and something that I've found to help the bland taste is some vanilla (or any other flavor you like) greek yogurt mixed in (friggin delicious).
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    I always liked it with some honey, coconut oil, and salt. Can't have it anymore, it makes me break out like crazy. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by DinoHunter View Post
    I dont know about the validity of the health benifits stated, but eating Oatmeal always made me feel sluggish & I was always starving within 2-3 hours, & I mean sick to my stomach starving....
    Same here. Also when just eating rolled oats with milk (which is normal here in Denmark). I was thrilled when I learned it was better for me to ditch it

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    I treat breakfast like any other meal and I like lots of variety. This morning I sauted kale, onion, jalapenos, garlic and some cherry tomatoes from the garden in coconut oil with a couple thick pieces of bacon and some cubed chuck steak, tasted fantastic! Yesterday I had left over free range chicken and a big vegetable salad. Tomorrow I'll probably just do bacon and eggs. Often after breakfast (I eat a various times depending on whether I do an IF) I'll head out into our back yard and grab a peach, apple or a handful of blackberries from our little orchard. Don't get into a rut and eat whatever you Primal food you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iniQuity View Post
    I've had "arroz con leche" which is similar, but is a dessert and therefore not suitable for breakfast.
    Man, that brings back past christmas memories.

    You can control how much sugar you'd put into it, or none at all, but keep the cinnamon.

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    I only eat oats when I want to make a gluten free dessert that tastes good... apple crisp FTW. I honestly would not suggest them for breakfast. I've been reading things that indicate that carbs are best in the evenings, although I'm not going to hunt down the references.

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