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Thread: Considering Eating Oatmeal For Breakfast

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    If you just want variety, how about primal pancakes? Or one of the muffin like recipes? Or a sweet potato hash with some sausage?

    Oatmeal without sugar just seems like a fate worse than eating eggs.... yet again.

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    Here is a alternative that we discovered by accident. I make fresh almond milk for my hubs all the time and he likes it strained. I just couldn't stand the thought of wasting that 'mush' so I slightly warmed it and add my grass-fed butter, cinnamon and some stevia and everyone thought it was the best hot 'cereal'!!!!

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    I love steel cut oats with heavy cream, butter and brown sugar. But, I literally feel like shitting my pants after eating it. So, I stopped eating them. Another favorite was PB&J oatmeal. If you're missing the more grain based breakfasts, you could try a rice based cereal. I will eat this now and then after a workout.
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    Quote Originally Posted by qqemokitty View Post
    People (myself included) get so stuck in the idea of breakfast foods, or dinner foods, keeping these things exclusive to those meals and breeding boredom.
    100% agreed. Sometimes, "breakfast" food for dinner is the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewis View Post

    I'd say have them if you like them. I don't honestly believe they offer a lot. But I think that a breakfast that consisted of something like soured oatmeal porridge (see, for example, Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions for information on how to "sour" porridge and why you need to) with a good tablespoon of butter eaten with a decent protein source -- bacon, say, or smoked fish -- wouldn't be terrible.
    If you're going to go that route, definitely look into soaking your oats first. I went through a phase where I missed the steel cut oat texture, so I tried them again. Blech. Tasted like cardboard. I used to love them! But you'll only know if you try. It's your journey.

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    IMO, oatmeal looks like something that has already been eaten once. Eww..

    There are thousands of alternatives for keeping breakfast interesting. Have sausages and peppers, a can of sardines, whatever is left from last night's dinner, etc.

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    I've heard that if you are going to eat oats, you should eat the kind that take a full 40 minutes to cook. Otherwise you are eating refined, processed grains, and you know how that goes.
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    well then

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    Quote Originally Posted by DinoHunter View Post
    I dont know about the validity of the health benifits stated, but eating Oatmeal always made me feel sluggish & I was always starving within 2-3 hours, & I mean sick to my stomach starving....

    Nowadays I have a big breakfast of eggs, meat & some vegies, and dont eat again untill supper time (about 11 hours most days) as im simply not hungry
    This is me, exactly

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    I don't have any emotional ties to oatmeal, but man I love to cheat once a month or so with some good, buttered grits.

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