I am looking for a bit of advice on how to make the most out of home workouts. The past year I had a fair amount of success using a body by science/ slow burn type workout at a gym nearby. However, I switched jobs a few weeks ago and the change in hours has meant that I basically haven't had a convenient time to go there in the last month and a half. Additionally, my membership is up for a year's renewal and I am worried it may not be worthwhile.

So, I am hoping to replace the gym with a full home workout. As background, I am a 28 guy who I would say is in average shape (probably getting above that during the past year, but I was never an athletic person and as I said, I've slacked off this summer due to new job, vacation etc).

My routine before was a twice weekly workout, slow burn style, using machines like leg press, overhead press, bench press, pulldown, ab machine, back extension. Each was repeated once a week, for an "A" workout and a "B" workout.

As far as home goes, I am thinking a kettlebell or two, a pullup bar, and some bodyweight exercises. If anyone has advice or resources for a good routine or good equipment for an effective full body workout for a guy my age trying to put on some muscle, it would be deeply appreciated. I expect that with the convenience of a home workout, I will have greater success sticking with it and pushing my limits.

Thanks in advance.