I've recently started using the Maffetone method. I have a heart rate monitor and I want to start running. I am pretty fit in other activities, doing a lot of hiking, biking and almost a year of strength training now. I can ride my bike under my MAF heart rate pretty easily, although pretty slowly. I struggle to walk fast enough to get my heart rate up unless there's a big hill, then it shoots up pretty fast. But running? I can't run at all! I can sort of shuffle along, hovering right under my max heart rate! It's kind of embarrassing.

I can accept that my aerobic fitness is fairly poor and that I have a lot of work to do, but what's the best way to do it? I really want to work on running. Should I just keep shuffling along? Or should I alternate between a more normal jogging gait, then when the monitor beeps, walk for a while until my heart rate is below my target zone, then jog again?

If you know the Maffetone method and have any answers, I'd appreciate it.