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Thread: I'm essentially "pre-diabetic"??? please help...

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    Just wanted to update on my situation. After hearing from one doctor that I was "pre-diabetic", I went to another doctor to recheck my fasting blood glucose and to get an A1C test done. Both levels came back normal. The new doctor I went to asked me what the last meal I had before I got the first fasting blood glucose done. It was my birthday and I had a slice of cake(carrot cake, mostly primal) and several glasses of champagne(probably not so primal). I usually do not have those high sugary foods, and so she explained that that could be the reason why I had an unusually high fasting blood glucose.

    So, the verdict is that I'm NOT pre-diabetic. Makes me wonder why the first doctor was so quick to diagnose me as pre-diabetic without looking into factors that could of caused a temporary abnormal blood glucose level.

    As for the cake, if anyone is looking for a REALLY tasty grain-free, and 95% Primal cake recipe, I highly recommend the carrot cake from this website: Carrot Cake - The Food Lovers Kitchen This cake makes an excellent treat for special occasions like birthdays.

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    I'm glad to know your sugar levels are normal! However, it IS important not to go on those sugar binges. You're only 19 now, which will protect you to a certain extent, but when you're 39 or so, the effects really COULD be diabetes, if you don't get it in check.

    I've always had more of a problem with sugar than anything else, and the only way to dump it was to use sugar substitutes (I use erythritol and stevia) because I needed SOMETHING to help with the sweet cravings . It's probably not as ideal as just going sweetener and sugar free, but it DOES help.

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