The more I increase my bacon intake, the clearer my skin gets. Granted I'm also avoiding all the toxic oils and sugar and carbs in general most of the time. But, wow, a couple of days last week I looked almost like I'd never had acne in my life. Like those lucky, small-pored people who walk around all perfect and have no idea how nice it is to have flat, uniform skin. Yes, lots of green tea and green apples and turmeric and cumin, too, but I've been using those forever. This bacon is a new factor, I've never relied on it so heavily for caloric intake before. Beneficial! I don't want to go over three pounds a week, though, because it will displace variety and other meats. But if you've been dying for one more weapon in the redness/zit war, maybe a quality bacon should be in your arsenal. A pound is about 2500 calories, so make sure to add some eggs and greens, maybe an avocado, to help round out the micronutrients. But for a few days now, I've pretty much lived on bacon.