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Thread: Primal Blueprint Journal (TheodoraB.)

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    Primal Blueprint Journal (TheodoraB.)

    I'm on diets since I was 9.
    I had a gastroplasty surgery when I was 20 and dropped from 258 lbs to 160lbs, it was great at first but then I always had stomach burns.
    5 years ago, I had a car accident (I'll spare you the details) but the stomach ring had to be removed.
    Afterwards I took 66lbs over 2 years and since then I'm struggling to lose these pounds.

    I've been diagnosed with insulin resistance and Hashimoto thyroidis since 2010.
    My endocrinologist advised me to eat cereal instead of starchy and it didn't help.
    So I've been searching for an alternative and found the Primal Blueprint.
    I must have a lucky star somewhere.

    I've cut out grains, starches, sugar and dairy since August 25th, 2012.
    I've already lost 6.6 lbs. I really stick to primal food 100% and walk a lot more, sunbathing at the same time and did some lifting (big boxes in the basement ).

    The first 2 days, I was a bit lightheaded but I had lots of energy. From last week till now I'm a bit tired but I have almost no more joint pain, some headaches last weekend.

    My main goal at the moment is to reach the sweet spot.
    I still eat too much carbs from fruits and veggies (between 100-150) and not enough proteins.
    Everything I bake or cook is with olive oil or coconut oil.

    I had a slice of banana bread for breakfast this morning with a cup of coffee but usually I have 2 eggs with bacon.
    For lunch, a handful of green beans, a bit of cauliflower and eggplant with a can of tuna, mustard vinaigrette.
    I guess I'll have a chicken breast with tomatoes this evening.

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