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Thread: Pondering Primal Journal by cat

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    Pondering Primal Journal by cat

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    I bought the primal blueprint 21-day transformation on august 10.

    I was totally gung ho for a couple weeks then all the yuckies crept back in.

    I commit myself to the 21-day challenge by all elminating grains and beans for 21 days and checking in to marks daily apple webpage everyday.


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    Welcome! I did almost the same thing two years ago. Started, stopped, and went right back because it was obvious at that point that I had to. Was stuck at 190 (from 215, just cutting soda and candy, still living on spaghetti)) and flabby, now I'm in the 170-175 range and adding muscle all the time! Give it time, too. 21 days might be a great start, but some people gain health more slowly than others.

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    I know the feeling too! It's so frustrating, isn't it, when you know you feel better doing things a certain way... but choose not to anyway. The fight between the mind and the brain is exhausting, can you two just get on the same page already?!

    Hehe but really, good luck, we can do this!

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