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    Primal Journal - treenester

    Most of this is copied from a comment I made in the 21 day challenge post.

    My wife and I actually came across this concept a little over a week ago after two doctors (sleep, M.D.) “admonished” me that losing weight was the answer to my health problems. I have sleep apnea, blood pressure has been elevated lately and I just felt generally miserable. All of this because I was 5’7″, 266 lbs! My new doc suggested this website along with whole9, and I started Saturday, 1st. We weighed Friday the 7th, and between us both we lost 18 lbs in one week! I lost eleven pounds in a week! I’ve never lost eleven pounds (even fasting) so I’m pumped. Also, I was coming down with a head cold, but it’s about gone. I have been walking/hiking some, but want to add the other fitness concepts during this time, since the cold is about over. Thanks.
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