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Thread: Additions to on-the-go meals

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    Additions to on-the-go meals

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    I'm back at school full time and packing both breakfast and lunch since I'm there from 8-5 most days. For the first 3 weeks I have brought:

    BF - 3 frittata muffins, coffee with cream
    L - 2-3 roasted chicken drumsticks, tupperware of jicama, carrots, cucumbers, 3 clementines

    This leaves me at 6-700 calories. Which by the time I get to crossfit and eat dinner at 7 is not enough. I want to add 300ish easy (and probably mostly fat) calories but don't have too many ideas. Nuts give me the munchies, I already eat dark chocolate after dinner and probably don't need more, I don't want to be eating 3 oz of cheese a day... The logical solution is to eat more frittata muffins and chicken but the food prep time to make the dozen muffins and dozen drumsticks per week is already at 2 hours or so and I just don't feel like cooking more (cooking them takes the limit of my muffin tins and baking racks so I'd have to do 2 batches).

    Any ideas for little calorie bombs to help me out?


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    Full fat Greek yoghurt like Fage Total. Dips for your veggies made out of cream cheese or sour cream with opinion, garlic, or spicy mustards added for flavoring. Canned sardines.

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    Boiled eggs. Or yeah, a veggie dip made from home made mayo. I am doing Whole 30 and bring applegate farms roast beef and boiled eggs for lunch. Boil your eggs on Sunday, eat all week. Just label the carton. I guess those aren't very fatty though.

    The homemade mayo is a great way to add fat without dairy though.

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    Homemade mayo... that is a good idea.

    Can't do Fage - upsets my stomach for some odd reason.

    Maybe I can learn to like sardines

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    Canned tuna / canned salmon
    Smoothie made with canned coconut milk (or just drink some coconut milk straight from the can!)
    Home-made jerky

    ...or buy some of Steve's Paleo Kits if you're in a pinch!
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    I found something similar to this recently:
    Grace Classic Coconut Cream 6 oz: Grocery & Gourmet Food

    I think it's basically super-finely shredded coconut (someone correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't used this brand).

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