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Thread: A primal woman in the making

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    A primal woman in the making

    Hi everyone

    I'm a 27 year old Danish woman who lives in Copenhagen. 3 months ago, I decided to change my life - radically. For years, due to the loss of my father to cancer, I have been overeating and seaking comfort in food, candy, chips and bread. My mental health was bad, I was depressed, everyday was a struggle, and I had problems to study, keep my apartment clean, hang out with friends and just be happy... This late spring I went through some very hard weeks because I felt like giving up because hated my mind and body, the worst part was that I was so angry with myself - telling myself: "Why can't you take care of yourself and do what you have to do?"

    I took a Hamiltontest (depression test) on the internet and the result was clear. I suffered from a depression, but for years I wouldn't admit that I needed help. I called my doctor, got an appointment two weeks later, and when the day arose, I was so afraid: "What if he told me the same - ust pull yourself together and stop being lazy?!"
    Luckily, he immediately said: It sounds like you have a depression and we took the Hamilton-test together and I was diagnosed with a severe depression. Finally, I had to doctors word that I was sick and not just lazy! He gave me a prescription, so the same day I began eating anti-depressives. They have helped tremendously on my spirit and general state of mind

    One week before the appointment at the doctor, I was so sick and tired of my overweight that I began searching around Danish food blogs, trying to find some inspiration on healthy food. Somehow I ended up at Marks Daily Apple and also found Robert Lustig's videos about insulin and sugar.
    At that moment, I felt like this was the right road to a healthy body and a permanent weight loss. From that day, I only ate veggies, meat, fat and some few dairies. The new eating habits was easy to adjust to, I have never experienced any problems with e.g. headache. However my sleep felt a lot better, I got more energy and after one month I joined the fitness blueprint. The core movement are fantastic, but they were damned hard, but the hard work has resulted in an amazing transformation.

    In 3 month I've lost 32 kilograms, which is 24.7 % of my total bodyweight. In centimeters, I am now 104.1 smaller! What a transformation. I feel happy, pretty, fit, healthy and sexy

    My goal is to get a normal bmi, my current bmi is 26, and to get a even more fit and lean body which is why I have decided to a journal inhere so I can keep track of my progress.

    I look forward to my jouney in here and to follow the rest of you cool Groks!
    Take care!

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