Last year, august, about a year before going primal, I bought some expensive hiking shoes.... They were very confortable for about half an hour wearing them in the shop. Only this year I really got to use them... and they are not confortable at all while walking in the pyrenees mountains! After about an hour, my right foot feels crushed, my toes get hurt while walking downhill which really exagerates the pain in my big toes (hallux valgus tendancy), and I really, really felt clumsy with a pair of boots so big and stiff!
About two weeks ago I received a pair of Vibram KSO trek shoes, and I'm trying to get adapted to them. So far so good! I've done two small one hour walks (with a little running in between), no pain at all!
But I'm not sure if the KSO trek would hold up in the pyrenees mountains... sharp rocks and all.... What are your ideas about hiking shoes that I could use, can I use the KSO treks? (that is, if my feet would stand more than 6 hours walking in them! should probably train a bit more!)
Another question, summer will not last forever (although last year until november I was still wearing my sandals!) and I just hate the thought of putting my feet in shoes again, what are confortable "barefoot" shoes to wear that look like normal shoes?

Thanks for your answer!