It seems to me there are two basic types of trolls: the harmless ones who are maybe vegans posting some recipes with the hopes of ruffling feathers, or posting some lame old studies that have been debunked a thousand times over.

Personally, I think that when dealing with these types, it's best to use respect and some solid research and information so that perhaps they will realize that they either a) can't get a rise out of people and will go away, or b) actually learn something and change their lives for the better.

However, there is a new breed of troll, and with this type, I'm philosophically conflicted about the best way to deal.

This 2nd type masquerades as someone in the medical field, doling out random info that was probably cut and pasted from a variety of websites to gain credibility. He has no interest in any particular way of eating. Once anyone actually tries to engage with him, he then spirals out of control, betraying the fact that he actually is mentally unbalanced, attempts to discredit everyone who posts different experiences, and resorts to some childish 'I know you are but what am I?' nonsense when he can't come up with an appropriate response.

So here's the question:

When dealing with a troll who is potentially giving out negligent info, (to people who haven't yet figured out that he's a troll) while simultaneously attempting to discredit other people who actually do have some personal experience with the topic of the post, is it better to:

A: Keep him on the ignore list, hope others figure out how craked he is for themselves
B: Continue to engage with him, which will be fruitless but will at least expose him for the nutjob he is.

Which would you choose to do?