Hi everyone,

Hi - and a big wave from down under

I am from Melbourne, Australia - and I am ready to go Primal

I am 45 years old, wife of my gorgeous hubby and mum to two beautiful teenage boys Whilst I would like to lose a few kilos (or 6 LOL) I am mainly turning to Primal because I don't like how carbs make me feel. It makes so much sense to me - to eat the Primal Way - and whilst I have been receiving Mark's emails - and checking out the website every day - loving the Friday transformation stories - I haven't yet fully committed. Now is the time - and Mark's 21 Day Challenge has come at the perfect time

I just need to have a buddy or two that I can converse with and bounce of ideas - because I really am a newbie at all this and I would certainly appreciate any support I receive. In return - I would love to positively cheer on my new buddies - and I am good at that - I promise

So - I guess my first job is to start a Journal?? I shall do that today - I look forward to hearing from anybody that is willing to be my bud