Well here I go, all set to get started and will be starting my new Primal lifestyle tomorrow which will be Tuesday September 11th, 2012.

I have struggled with weight loss over the years which I guess we all have at some point. I have experienced a lot of setbacks the past few years and have stalled my weight loss journey. I have had knee surgery, fractured shoulder joint and now have several discs that have deteriorated in my lower back that as per the doctors order, has me stopping all exercising but walking.

So here is my starting stats:
I am 33yrs old male, 219.5lb, 6"0. BMI-29.7 and Body Fat% 27.9.

I am really hoping to get below 200lbs and take it from there. I would think closer to 180lbs.

LIke I said I am not able to do any weight lifting at the moment. I will be seeing a physiotherapist soon and hopefully they will be ok with me at least doing the primal workouts. But until then I am going to try and do at least a 1hr walk every morning.

Calories-2400 (as per mark sisson PB book).
Protein- 111g (444 cals)
Carbs- 50g (200 cals)
Fats- 195g (1756 cals)

Anyway, I will update everyday with my exercise and food journal.

Wish me luck!!