Your location: Central Coast- California

Age: 27

How Primal are you: 3-4 weeks - Reading the book, cut out grains, & transitioning my other exercise & eating habits to be more aligned with Primal living.

Do you consume dairy: Yes - cheese, milk in tea, occasional yogurt - local/certified organic. After I feel more consistent with my primal lifestlye I would like to experiment with cutting these items out of my diet.

Do you drink coffee or tea: tea most days & a latte on rare occasion

Motivator for switching to Primal: Improve health & fitness, disease prevention & obtain ideal body composition - it just makes sense and is in line with eating REAL FOOD!

Favorite exercise: pull ups - I will make it to the 5 pull-ups unassisted! I am liking the sprints as well - I also love knowing that my hikes, bicycle commutes & lunch break walks are great exercise (previously felt like I needed to go for at least a 4 mile run most days to be fit - now I only run when I feel like it

Favorite Primal food: coconut oil, salmon, avocados, berries, macademias, steak!!

Best part about being Primal: More stable energy - no sugar crashes! Even though quality "Real Food" is hard to find anywhere besides local farms - it is pretty easy to eat mostly primal - mostly anywhere!

Worst part about being Primal: Seeing family members struggling & knowing this is created or exacerbated by Convential Wisdom (often coming straight from their physician!)