Maybe i'm just a giant ascetic stick-in-the-mud, but i absolutely LOATH school fundraisers. Kindergarten child just brought home a fundraiser sheet for Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and i know there will be more (candy bars, crappy trinkets, etc.) The ONE health-oriented event in the year is a Run/Walk event, which is cool. but the kids finish the race with some disgusting blue chemical concoction. It's not even gatorade, which would be at least understandable though still mislead. I feel like these fundraisers are wrong on so many levels- encouraging (even guilting) others into buying this crap, teaching our kids it's okay to schill crap onto others "for a good cause,"
making them into corporate salesmen, the list goes on. No one that i know actually wants to buy this crap anyway.

(please don't go into a tirade about home schooling; BTDT and it doesn't work for us at this point in time. Maybe we'll try again in the future.)

I guess this really agitates me because *I* feel guilty for not participating. I would like to help raise money for our schools. Though on the other hand, i wonder what *specifically* we're raising money for, as we also pay for school supplies, activity fees, parties, supply snacks for the classrooms, etc. Are we just raising money for more crap-filled events? Anyway, I *do* feel guilty about not participating, and i also get flack from my kids because they want to compete and get the prizes and whatnot. I've explained to them my position and of course they don't care.

So, a few questions:

Do you participate in craptastic school fundraisers? Do you help your kids, or do you just allow them to do it?
Are there any health-oriented FUN fundraisers that you've heard about or that your kids' school actually participates in?
Do you think i'm being a lame grouch about all this?