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Thread: Craptastic School Fundraisers

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    Oh man don't get me started on the door bell ringing around 7pm (just after putting our daughter down) and the dogs go crazy. I can't stand any of the crap they peddle. Although, I will say my nephew,for cub scouts, sold coffee (which was actually pretty damn good). But doughnuts, seriously? Who the hell authorized that awesome idea? I don't know what they always sell crap... the obvious answer is: most people buy/eat crap

    I'm with ya on the fund raisers. I equally enjoy being pestered by co-workers selling shit for every sport their 15 kids play.
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    Oh, God.... the beginning of every school year the whole community is nickle and dimed to death with all kinds of school fundraisers. I hate that the school thinks it's okay to have little kids going door-to-door peddling CRAP that nobody needs. Most of my kids relatives would rather just give money instead.
    I do only participate in the ones that aren't food or cheap junk related. Boy Scout wreaths, the HS band pointsettas, FFA fruit sales, elementary school book sells and fairs.
    With all the concern over obese children, you'd think they'd be a little more creative and do more fundraisers that involved fun physical activities (other than the arm-curls w/ soda pop and pastries).

    I meant that I participate in the ones that aren't junk food or cheap junk related.
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