Good afternoon.

I am writing to request your help regarding my efforts to convince the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences to cease future Biotechnology Day celebrations. At the first annual Biotech Day in July 2012 companies like Monsanto, BASF, and Big Pharma were treated like heroes for feeding and saving the world. I have begun a campaign to end Biotech Day because it is the antithesis of Natural Science. My discussions with the Museum have been lengthy, and when it became too uncomfortable for them, they ended our communication. I have released my letter to the Museum’s executive director today protesting her staff’s termination of the discussion (see below), and that post links to the history of the Museum’s and my discussion, including all emails.

People have been responsive to my call to action, but I feel like more voices opposing GMOs are needed given that the Museum employee is tweeting about our interaction and the pro-GMO and Big Pharma folks are now making their voices heard. You can read the history here, which links to the Take Action: My Letter to NC Museum of Natural Sciences' Director - Moving Strongly Forward

I hope that you are able to help spread the word and increase the pushback against Monsanto and others being featured at the Museum of Natural Sciences.

Thank you for your consideration.