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Thread: Primal Blueprint Challenge: Play more; anadolis

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    Primal Blueprint Challenge: Play more; anadolis

    I don't usually do these things, but this time I figured, "Why not?"

    Today was an almost perfect day, in all respects:

    I began with a hike through the hills here in Sveti Stefano, Montenegro, and that hike led to a spontaneous cliff-climb, followed by a skinny dip in the Adriatic =D.
    Breakfast was two hard-boiled eggs, a few pieces of fruit, a cup of yogurt, pile of veggies, and several cups of coffee.

    Then- a nap, a couple of carrots and almonds, a bit of reading, a long walk in the sun.

    Lunch: mussels and a greek salad, a glass of white wine.

    Another long walk, a sunset swim, and a dinner of herring in tomato sauce accompanied by marinated & fresh veggies.

    The start of the day was definitely the highlight, and I need to remind myself to stay present and playful, keep the adventure-drive alive.
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