I am unsure if it really is a "failure" but from what I've read about bone broth it might be. I've not made it before.

I had 4 pounds of soup bones from my grass-fed farmer guy, and of course there was a good amount of meat on them. I cooked them on the crockpot until the meat was done, then I stripped the meat, ate the marrow (yummmm!), added unfiltered apple cider vinegar to the broth and put the 4 bones back in for 24 hours on low.

After taking the bones out and straining the broth, it went into the fridge overnight. There wasn't any gelatin at all - but perhaps it was only because there was just 4 bones? The broth is quite fatty & savory, it is certainly getting used. Shouldn't there be at least a little gelatin, or is my assumption wrong?

Thanks in advance!