Well, after a couple months of lurking, the Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge is just the boot in the pants I need! I've been dabbling in Primal eating, and doing lots of research, but just haven't committed fully, so here goes.

History: I have always been a little on the chubby side of things, typically just into the overweight side of BMI. A couple of years ago a lost about 15lbs doing the CW-calorie restricted-chronic cardio thing.. but have gained it all back. Surprise, surprise! I also was largely vegetarian for the last couple years, up to July 2012: still ate fish and eggs and dairy, but no red meat or poultry etc.

When I moved back to my hometown in July (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada!) I discovered my father had had a great deal of weight loss success using something fairly close to the Primal Blueprint, and as I thumbed through Mark's book (which was sitting on his coffee table) it started to make a whole lot of sense. I pretty eagerly started eating meat again (still not a big fan of poultry, but oh the bacon, oh the steak!) and drastically cut back on grains and sugar, and felt great - I particularly loved not being a slave to my eating schedule, and not having to worry about breakfast first thing in the morning was especially nice. But those nasty grains and sugars kept creeping back in, particularly at night. Yep, I'm one of those night eaters, I usually do great throughout the day, and then it all goes downhill after dinner.

My husband (John dear) is generally supportive: he's more than happy to eat the Primal meals I make (he's completely enamored with the concept of cauliflower instead of potatoes - my absolute biggest weakness) but won't go out of his way to avoid non-primal fare, so we still have some crappy stuff hanging around. Also, my brother lives with us, and he could care less (but will also eat what I cook, or find something else himself). But I am pretty certain that if I can prove to John dear that the system works, he will be willing to give it an honest try himself. So, for his good and mine, I must succeed!

So, my goals for the 21-day Challenge are:

1) Stop eating non-nutritional foods, particularly at night
2) Ease up on the wine and cheese - definitely more than occasional at the moment!
3) Begin a strength training regime
4) Expand my collection of Primal recipes: I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook, so I plan posting lots of my creations here, to keep my interest up.

So, I'm hoping a greater sense of accountability will help me overcome my lingering obstacles in (g)rocking the Primal lifestyle. I can do 21 days!

Height: 5'5
Age: 26
SW: 166lbs
GW: 135lbs