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Thread: Does carb timing matter?

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    Does carb timing matter?

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    Hi all, I'm returning to primal after a 2 month stint on Carb Nite, and am now doing carb backloading, which can be primal. I want to know if people think carb timing really matters??

    When I did full primal before, I ate 3 meals, plus 2 snacks. And stuck around 75 g of carbs. Just...whenever. Didn't time them to meals or anything.

    With carb nite, I ate about 10 g a day, with a refeed once a week. This was very hard to lift on, and very hard to get calories in. I recently switch to CBL, which you eat carbs the night before you train if you train in am.

    I just had a tough 5/3/1 workout, plus a 35 minute walk.

    I'm sitting here wondering, should I be eating some carbs, or save them all for tonight. And eat high glycemic ones?

    In the end does it matter??? Goal is fat loss, while lifting. Or at least fat loss while maintaining strength, hence the Keifer programs.

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    i don't think it matters all that much *if* you're not insulin resistant. seems like his whole theory is geared around timing carbs for when your muscles are most insulin sensitive. but i think it's a bit overblown. i'd yeild to anyone with personal experience on this one though - i.e., if it works for you... do it.
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    Some research I've read suggests there may be an advantage in saving them until evening in regards to leptin levels, but that was based on staying Ramadan fasters, so there are other variables at play. It does imply that the idea that evening carbs will make you fat is likely a myth, but it's not a conclusive study.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernernewf View Post
    I'm sitting here wondering, should I be eating some carbs, or save them all for tonight. And eat high glycemic ones?

    In the end does it matter???
    Do as you wish. The Caveman Doctor links this from the notes to his recent podcast if it's of any interest to you:

    Exercise and insulin sensitivity: a review. [Int J Sports Med. 2000] - PubMed - NCBI

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    From what I've read, it seems that the optimum time for eating carbs is immediately after a workout.

    According to Martin on the Leangains site:

    "A majority of your calories should come post workout (post workout refers to the feeding period after your workout, not within 30 minutes). A minimum of 60% is his recommendation...Carbs are an essential part of muscle building. Starchy carbs are great for building muscle. Try to keep the carbs post workout, but again ... if you need carbs before you workout, then get some."

    LeanGains FAQ

    I personally had the most success eating a lot of carbs the day before a heavy workout, then having some additional carbs+protein immediatly after.
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