So as some folks here know, I've been doing Crossfit for a couple of years, but I've had to make the decision that I can't afford the fees right now--my partner and I can both join a good facility here for less than we'd pay for CF for one of us, so we've decided that's the way to go at least for now.

I have been considering different programs but would like a bit of advice. In some ways, a novice program seems like it might be good since I'm coming from a CF background, not a strict strength training one. However, my gym was pretty strength focused, so I have done quite a bit of lifting over the last couple of years and have developed reasonable strength in some of them. My one weak spot is the bench press since we almost never did them. I'd consider myself pretty much a newbie there (1RM of just 88 pounds) but doing pretty well on the other big lifts for a woman my size (not competition level weights, but respectable).

Ideally, it would be something my partner and I could do together. I've been doing barbells more often than him in the last couple of years because he's been marathon training, but he's got way, way more experience and history with lifting than I do for sure.

Anyhow, suggestions?