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    The Epley manouver is simple and will take care of particulate matter in the ear. If it's not that - then no harm done, and you've ruled it out. It doesn't consist of any movements that are particularly extreme or that you haven't done before, but if there are particles that have migrated to where they are affecting her balance - it will repostition them and relief will be immediate. Look it up on YouTube - you'll see doctors diagnosing vertigo and performing the manouver.

    Same exact thing happend to me. Woke up one morning, rolled over to get out of bed and thought I was going to puke the room was spinning so badly. One ear will genenerally be affected worse than the other and if you just lay on your back and move your head from side to side - you'll be able to feel which one it is, if that is indeed the cause.

    Hope she feels better soon!

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    I concur with a couple of the posters about the Epley maneuver, my wife has had two very serious vertigo episodes and this is the only thing that brought her out of both of them thanks to a close friend who was a physician and in the know.
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